Магазин 8 | Наш стиль
Магазин российских брендов модного дизайна расположенный в MODUL fashion design loft. Санкт-Петербург, Невский пр., 74-76
мода, русские дизайнеры, одежда, аксессуары, обувь, Санкт-Петербург, MODUL fashion design loft, стиль, дизайн одежды, бутик, Russia, clothes, accessories
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sunshine shell

graphics and freckles


shine in the dark hall

city surfer


Russia day

pearl in camouflage

sunset on the roof

medieval HYIP

love of romance and constructivist

expression of the exact forms


transformation of the cone

ghosts of constructivism

urban rose

porcelain grunge

court norm-core

divine Valentina

mobile graphics

predatory boudoir

surrounding geometry

baroque intrigues

at the scene

memories of cosmism

in the rhythm of the machines

day and night

the bubbles in champagne

yellow and red

twilight silhouettes

classical abstraction

twilight colors

walk through the city

strict grunge

personal revolution

sunset on the waterfront

сity in fog

indoor Baroque

golden autumn

red and black

clear the air

cranberries in the snow

pot flowers

minimalistic baby

new academy

northern sun

antique rhythm

on the waves

bohemian geometry

shady coolness

afternoon garden


pastel morning


cotton circus

metallic rose

inner city

fish and yachts